Tower Grove East Neighborhood

Neighborhood Map


The Tower Grove East neighborhood is bordered by Shenandoah Avenue to the north, Nebraska Avenue to the east, Gravois Avenue to the south, and south Grand Boulevard to the west.

The neighborhood is so named because it partially borders the east entrance of Tower Grove Park. Tower Grove Park lends much culture and activity to the neighborhood, with its annual festivals, farmers markets, and activities.

The neighborhood also includes many businesses on South Grand Avenue. It is a popular area of restaurants, nightlife, and shopping. Within the neighborhood itself are many charming restaurants, a thriving community garden, churches, schools, and much more.

According to Wikipedia, the owners and builders in the early days of Tower Grove East were for the most part siblings, cousins and extended family members of the prominent German Americans living in Compton Heights. You can see the influence in the architectural designs. Attention was heavily focused on the entry, cornice and windows.The interiors of the homes in Tower Grove East are full of surprises including built-in hall benches, stained-glass windows, and elaborate staircases.

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