Tower Grove South Neighborhood

Neighborhood Map


Tower Grove South is a diverse community on the near south side of St. Louis with a balance of homeowners, renters, and small businesses. The area is adjacent to the architecturally impressive Tower Grove Park.

There are many independent restaurants in the vibrant South Grand business district, offering a variety of cuisine.

Tower Grove has long been an area that developers have sought out for rehab. Several former two-family homes have been converted into larger single-family homes. Tower Grove South still has many two-family and four-family homes for those looking to be home owners and landlords, or those looking to complete their own renovation.

Many homes have oak flooring, leaded glass windows, fireplaces, french doors and more.

Annual events include a Chinese New Year celebration, April house tour, the Festival of Nations and a November Holiday Walk.

Visit the Tower Grove South neighborhood organization page to learn more about the continuous opportunities for neighbors to come together, celebrate, and learn more about what is happening in The Tower Grove South community.